First Day

Political framework for Sustainability and Packaging
Moderation and Opening: Michael Carus (nova-Institut)

10:00 nova-Institut GmbH | Michael Carus
           Overview over market and resource supply of bio-based packaging

10:30 Organic Waste Systems | Bruno de Wilde
           End of Life Scenarios: The future of Recycling and Composting in the EU

11:00 SCA Packaging | Volker Quaas
           Extending shelf life with Active Packaging

11:30 Lunch

Market overview foodpackaging from bioplastics SusPack Award
Moderation: Dr. Fabrizio Sibilla (nova-Institut)

13:00 FKuR | Julian Schmeling
           Engineered Sustainability - Bioplastics for advanced Applications

13:30 Huhtamaki | Régis Garoutte
           New Films Solution for Biodegradable Products

14:00 Roquette | Léon Mentink
           Biobased packaging solutions with Gaïalene®

14:30 Coffee Break

15:30 Innovia | Holger Eschenburg
           Building Packaging Performance through Bio-Material Combinations

16:00 Braskem | Dr. Harald Käb
           Biopolymers as a renewable source


SusPack Award
Moderation: Michael Carus (nova-Institut)

16:30 SusPack Award: Nominated companies present their Innovations & Election by audience

18:15 SusPack Award: The winners

18:30 Coming together


Second Day

Political framework for Sustainability and Packaging II
Moderation: Dr. Fabrizio Sibilla (nova-Institut)

09:30 narocon, Board member of European Bioplastics | Dr. Harald Kaeb

            New trends in Bio-packaging

10:00 FPE - Flexible Packaging - Europe | Graham Houlder
THE PERFECT FIT –  Flexible solutions for a more sustainable packaging industry

10:30 nova-Institut | Roland Essel
 Positive outcome of first PLA and PHA Meta-LCA

11:00 Coffee Break

Market overview foodpackaging from bioplastics II
Moderation: Dr. Harald Käb (narocon)

12:00 Novamont | Elisabetta Fanesi
            Mater-Bi® Packaging Case Studies: Technical and Environmental Solutions

12:30 Purac | François de Bie
            PLA a significant contributor to global sustainability – now also available in High Heat                            versions

13:00 Taghleef Industries | Frank Ernst
            NATIVIATM, bio-based BoPLA film for packaging and labelling applications

13:30 Coming together