SusPack Award” for innovation jointly presented with Anuga FoodTec for the first time

The second edition of the “Sustainable Packaging” conference (abbreviated to “SusPack 2012”) will be held at the Anuga FoodTec on 29th and 30th March in Cologne, Germany.
Current issues of sustainability in the packaging industry and their solutions will be presented and discussed at the two-day conference. The focus is squarely on bio-based packaging. Where and in what forms has it already taken hold? What are its advantages and what needs to be considered in its use? And, finally, what are the emerging innovations, trends and possibilities?

For the first time, nova-Institut GmbH has teamed up with Anuga Foodtec to present the “SusPack Award” for the most innovative and sustainable packaging solution launched in 2011/12 at a joint ceremony. The winner will be chosen by congress participants on 29th March 2012 and announced at the evening event.

Nominated companies and products:

Constantia Flexibles GmbH | Paperlid – A more sustainable yoghurt pot lid

The Paperlid developed by Constantia Flexibles is a three-ply, aluminium-free punched card containing a high proportion of FSC-certified paper. The heat seal lacquer makes it possible to apply a peel-off seal to standard PS and PP pots as well as PLA pots. Paperlid’s striking features are its far smaller carbon footprint than conventional aluminium or plastic lids and its pleasant, papery feel. (
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Imperial Ventures b.v. | abulbc – Dutch Tulips in Dutch Design - biodegradable packaging

Imperial Ventures has developing packaging for tulip bulbs that makes full use of the possibilities offered by bio-based and biodegradable plastics as well as having an attractive design. This makes it easy to present homogeneous and clean batches of bulbs for sale, as well as allowing bulbs to be planted in their packaging. The packaging decomposes in the soil, ensuring it does not impede the plant’s growth. (
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STI - Gustav Stabernack GmbH | Multiformline – Responsible baking with a cardboard cake tin

The STI Group has developed innovative and renewable paper packaging for fresh dough cakes for Swiss bakers Jowa. Using an innovative technique for manufacturing deep-drawn carton and corrugated board, STI makes optimum use of Multiformline’s positive properties. This replaces the previous PET trays, bringing down the product’s weight and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 80%. (
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tipa-corp ltd | Tipack – Nature will not even notice we were here

TIPA has developed revolutionary patent-pending biodegradable blends for production of packaging solutions for liquids and food. TIPA's flexible pouches are cost competitive, as production processes are optimized for using less raw materials and less heat-energy consumption. With Tipack, a 1-liter 4-pack with varying beverage content per pouch, it has developed a unique family pack ideal for outdoor activities. (
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